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Hello, hello.
Back in the early 90s I hung out on high street, spending my youth on intoxicated explorations of the seedy side of campus.
crAZY mama's (aka kool kats klub)
south heidelberg
the blood bank
mean mr mustards
occasionally skully's
man. what a lifetime ago.
does anyone have any pics of any of these now fictional locations?
does anyone have any current pics of what crampus partners have replaced our sacred havens with?
it blows my mind how its all "evolved".
is anybody out there?
damon zex? (you creepy lame fuk)
bob the boy? (miss you, wondertwin)
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    Sat, February 26, 2005 - 4:36 AM
    those are some names from the past....
    Well I hate to mention that I used to hang with Damon(fred zaner) at Mustards back in da 80's. Yea, I moved onto campus in 83'. Heard of Thatcher..never met him.I hear that's a good thing.
    Yea, I was all over the place.
    There was also the VIP Lounge...remember that. I saw the RC Mob there for the first time. I'm nostalgic for those times on ocassion..but with the buildings falling down it also means that I am older and wiser and I realize now what I didn't realize then that the best part of life comes along later.
    And there's a slew of new and cool places all around now.
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      Mon, February 28, 2005 - 12:02 AM
      O.K. Since we are dating ourselves, does anyone remember Vegas LTD? It was a huge pinball arcade on the east side of high street by the orr house, or Mustards or something.

      Fred Zaner...What a nice respectable Bexley boy. I'd STILL like to see him with an atomic wedgie.

      Oh yeah...And Crazy Mommas kicked ass. I miss the punker look the girls had. Those clothes made them look soo much hotter than the hip hugger, belly shirt thing. Lets face it...Most chicks can't even pull it off.
      Maybe I've said too much.

    Mon, February 28, 2005 - 7:03 AM
    I mostly hung out at Mustards, Purity (what the heck did that used to be called) and Momas, I remember fondly the Sunday night "AC/DC Cult nights" at mustards, and loved the dark and warm feeling of Moma's....but that was mid 80's into the early 90's...*cough*oldman*cough*. $5 bucket of beer, were THOSE the days or what?

    I was back in Columbus in January, on leave from this wonderful tour of Iraq as a civilian contractor, and saw what used to be south campus and I was completely floored. I immediately got a hold of my x-gf from HS (who's living in Atlanta now) and told her about how tore up our old stomping grounds were. 'Twas a sad day....

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      Wed, March 16, 2005 - 7:30 PM
      • Don
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        Re: SOUTH CAMPUS R.I.P.

        Wed, March 30, 2005 - 2:59 PM
        I spent many a drunken night at Mustards, the Newport and Mother Fletcher's. I believe my suitemates from Lincoln Tower shop-lifted at Catfish Biff's on a weekly basis (I was not personally involved in case the statute of limitations hasn't lapsed).

        What a hole! Oh how we'll miss ye.
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          Mon, April 4, 2005 - 2:45 PM
          Although I do have some fond memories of eating at Firdous and of my band's regular Friday night gig at the South Heidelberg, in general I'm not at all sorry to see South Campus go. I was totally shocked the first time I saw it. Every college town I had ever been in, the area around campus was realy nice. But in Columbus it was this bleak, dirty ghetto. Disgusting. I'm glad it's gone. Now maybe they can start on all the repulsive cheap housing around there. OSU will never be a better school if it can't attract a better quality of students -- but who except a multi-pierced redneck-turned-hood rat would want to live anywhere near the OSU campus in its current condition? The sooner it all gentrifies the better.
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            Re: SOUTH CAMPUS R.I.P.

            Mon, April 4, 2005 - 7:47 PM
            .....says the man in the suit.
            man, i know it was nasty. but it was the scenery to my voyage to adulthood. i often wish they wouldve at least saved the heidelberg/mama's building. i mean, it was actually a historic building/landmark. it was a speakeasy in the 20s , man! it totally couldve been restored to its original glory so that at least a shred of the old scene would survive, and survive with class. making campus into a mall just doesnt sit well with me. but it seems no one appreciates classic style and history anymore especially in columbus. just look at what they did to the old train station. it couldve been gloriously restored but no, they put in pastel building blocks of crap.
            sorry it just aint my cup o tea.
            i went back to ohio...
            but my city was gone......
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              Wed, April 6, 2005 - 1:18 PM
              Yeah, I'll give you that what they did to the train station, and the old courthouse, and the prison, were all just wrong. I didn't know the Heidelberg had been a speakeasy (although I don't think the men's room plumbing had been upgraded since at LEAST the '30s), so yeah, they should have saved that.

              While I can understand gentrification, I don't understand Central Ohio's war on its own history.
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                Re: SOUTH CAMPUS R.I.P.

                Thu, April 7, 2005 - 11:52 PM
                i dont understand it either, ben.

                check out the links page from here...
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                  Tue, August 16, 2005 - 11:15 AM
                  I haven't lived in Columbus for about 7 years, and I haven't been back. I fondly remember those places. How much did they demolish? I'm sure they left the f*king McDonalds. What about Used Kids Records?

                  Insomnia, Skullys, Crazy Mommas/Kit Kat Club, uhh the Heidelberg, the Greek Gyro place above Skullys -that place rocked you could get 10 gyros delivered to your house for around $7. Yeah it was a ghetto, but that was part of the appeal. Gutter punks, crack heads and all. It was mainly the drunk aggro college kids that ruined it. I remember walking down one of those streets watching some guy puke, woo about some lame football game and ask me and a friend who won the game. We told him we had no idea we don't watch football, so he threatened to "kick our faggot asses". Which looking back pretty much summed up my time in Ohio.

                  I studied architecture so I was interested in the proposed plan for that area, it looked like a generic mid western strip mall. I didn't understand. It probably would have been cheaper to fix up the buildings and make the area a historic district, instead of replacing everything with architectural foam. It didn't fit the rest of the area. But eminent domain is the passive aggressive way to get rid of tenants.

                  Also the convention center, what an ugly piece of crap. What the hell were they thinking. If that place ever burns to the ground it was not soon enough.
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                    Re: SOUTH CAMPUS R.I.P.

                    Sat, August 20, 2005 - 11:33 PM
                    man, my brother told me that used kids burnt up (or down) and the guy who owned it cried as the vinyl dungeon melted. so sad.
                    and yeah, that gyro place fukking roct. love those dudes.
                    fuck those buckeye jocks. my friends and i had big spikes on our biker jackets and one friend, Spicoli, had barbed wire all over his shoulder so that when we had to fight our way thru the thick jock crowd along the high street sidewalk he could turn and shred thru those muthafuckas. how hardcore was that? giggle giggle *
                    man, if anyone is still there surviving in the south campus wasteland, maybe they could post some pics? present or past, anything at all would be appreciated..,..
                    i miss the ghetto.......
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                    Re: SOUTH CAMPUS R.I.P.

                    Thu, August 25, 2005 - 6:06 PM
                    Used kids is still around. I do believ they are where World Record used to be. So now they are on a second floor instead of a dungeon. South Campus is looking pretty trendy. Not that bad tho. A little culture shock for me going on. I adapt well to change tho.

      Mon, July 19, 2010 - 6:08 PM
      I was chatting with an old friend from Columbus about our "back in the day" activities and the subject of Crazy Mama's came up. When we were hanging (nearly living) at the place there was a sandwich shop called Phil-E-Steak on the ground floor of the building. That was from 81 to 84 or thereabouts. Had a Mohawk and my clothes were basically rags held together by safety pins and my leather jacket was studded with spikes. Very good for getting down the sidewalk at closing time. We were pretty serious punks at the time. Other clubs came up and I am willing to bet they are all gone now. I have not been there in 25 years so I am sure I don't know. The Beer Stube. Mr. Browns. Everyone from then went to Papa Joes. The Travel Agency. Mustards (hustled darts there for drinking money, does anyone remember the 441 nights?) Mineshaft and the Oarhouse. Marco Polo's though did not frequent that place. Fat Jimmy's chicken place for when you got hungry. Then on the north end of campus was the Northberg, the Thirsty "I" (got really drunk there a few times and stole the ID checkers bar stool, so I hear) right next door to the Gyro Chef. Around the corner was the Library (foosball hustlers paradise) and next door to that was the World Theater where I was friends with the projectionist. Enjoyed many big smokey treats up in the projectionist's booth for sure. There were others but that was many beers ago. Damn how did I ever get this old? I know this post is a million years after the fact of the rest of this thread but I hope someone reads it. BTW I do remember Mr. Zex (strange cat for sure) and am really sorry to hear Bruce is dead. Time marches on I guess. Peace Out
  • Liz
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    Wed, August 17, 2005 - 10:59 AM
    I'm glad you posted this. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Yeah it was ghetto and all but it was fun. Do you remember the velvet ropes and the mounted police to keep the drunks off the street. lol lol

      Mon, September 26, 2005 - 12:10 PM
      I feel this way too, and im probably a whole hell of a lot younger than you guys... being 25. But i was the same way. The seedy side of campus was what made it great. I liked the dirt and the grime, the underage drinking, and the good grafitti. It cgave the place character, gave you experiences, gave you great scenery. Now the plac elooks liek some goddamn suburban mall/town center. Neraly all the local businesses have been replaced with regional or national chains...

      Its not what it used to be. At all.
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        Mon, October 3, 2005 - 4:49 AM
        Wow...lotta memories dad worked at OSU as a professor, so I spent a lot of time on campus while growing up. Last time I was in Columbus was around 2 years ago (I live in Germany now). Most of the places mentioned are gone. Used Kids was still there, but moved due to a fire. Pink Flamingos is gone. (of course, these were on North Campus more or less). Remember Stone Mountain, the blacklight hallway hippie store? Gone. McDonald's is still there. So is Wendy's.
        Although I am happy to say that Buckeye Donuts is still around, and doing quite well! Larry's Bar is still open.
        Most of south campus was, indeed, demolished. Skully's is still around, but moved to the more trendy short north, and I can't say that while I went there the last few times I enjoyed myself - it was filled with pretentious wannabe hipsters. They even have a phone booth inside - with no phone, just for folks to use their cellphones in. Ugh.
        In the general neighborhood, Tapatio has closed (i used to work there), Outland is gone (for those who liked that kind of thing, or liked to observe, anyway), but in a way, I am glad that a lot of those crumbling old buildings are gone. i just wish that the places could've stayed around. They are just being replaced with Frat Sport Bars, chain food stores, and overpriced head shops.
        i haven't seen the rebuliding of much of the 'neo-campus', but it IS a lot safer to walk around at night by yourself now.
        I lived on North Campus for quite some years, and I do miss it. many of the folsk are trying to make the neighborhood a little more , um, beautified, renovating houses and such, but much of the old roach motels are still around.
        i too, am a little younger than a lot of you, 28, but I remember my teenage years hanging out in those spots. Great places for an underager to find a drink, they were!
        i actually knew a lot of those graffiti guys, the ones who did the fine artistic stuff, not the ugly 'taggers' who just sprayed their name on the wall.
        Even in the old Smith Brothers' warehouse, before it was renovated, we used to sneak in and create wonderful pieces of art using nothing but Krylon spraypaint. In some parts, they even preserved some of the art there by putting up drywall boards over the art, instead of just plastering over it. I hear there was even a showing of it a few years ago.

        But back to S. Campus. Why couldn't the old businesses move into the new buildings, instead of just being chased away into nothingness? Firdous rocked. All those places rocked.
        Oh well. I guess all good things die, in time. The new generations down the road can look forward to the new campus being run down someday.
        • Tim
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          Re: SOUTH CAMPUS R.I.P.

          Sat, November 12, 2005 - 9:33 AM
          I remember buying Whippets (sp?) at Waterbeds and stuff, driving down to Mama's, and cracking on...well, pretty much everything; we were on Whippets, afterall.
          The band sheets, grafitti, grime and ghetto feel was the charm of the OSU campus. I remember when our band played at Neely Bee's (closed for some time now) and before our set, we were walking down past Skullys when some no neck jock called us queers and tried to block our way. Mike and I weighed MAYBE 250 between the 2 of us, and we just did an about face and went back to the bar. I hated that, but we were out of place after an OSU game; spandex pants, long hair, makeup and whatever we were wearing at the time. It doesn't justify their "I'm missing a chromosome" behavior, but those were the times.
          South campus is quickly evaporating and I miss it. I wish that it was for the better, but cleaner does not always mean better.
  • Damon Zex

    Thu, November 17, 2005 - 1:02 PM
    Strangely enough I saw Damon Zex out a few weekends back..

    Now where the hell was I?
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      Re: Damon Zex

      Wed, February 8, 2006 - 6:49 PM
      That's HILARIOUS!
      That guy just doesn't quit. Do you think he still has his cable access show?
      What a fruitwank.
      He definitely added to the flavor of So. Campus.....
      • Re: Damon Zex

        Sun, February 12, 2006 - 10:16 PM
        Firstly, I am straightaway the youngest individual yet to post to this thread, at a meager 21 years of age. But seeing as I know nothing about any of your current living conditions/locations, I can tell you that Firdous, unless under different ownership, moved to the North Market; so no, I don't believe they have caved under. Also, this gyro place you all speak of, was that Apollos? In addition, opposite let's just say roughly the Wexner Center on central campus and the east side of High Street, sits a pretty good Japanese restaurant called Bento Go Go, which tries to maintain an upscale aesthetic/appeal, but in my opinion is not overly pretentious, and is of local spawn/unique in character. It has two floors, the top one being a dedicated bar/DJ area. The DJs play all styles throughout the course of the week, but I am rarely there to witness much of it. They do NOT play pop in the vein of Shitney Spears or N'sync or that sort of rubbish, nor do they tend to play thugged out, misogynistic rap wherein talentless hacks calling themselves emcees do little more than yell into a mic with little to no creative forethought about what they are doing. They play interesting music (from nights I've been there) that represents true hip-hop, rock, and electo/electronica. Not much folk, jazz, or world music, but I have come to expect that pretty much only from the Wexner Center by this point. There are some good eats like Pita Pit as well, that are not globalized corporate monstrosities... yet

        Peace out and respect to you elder lot :o)
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          Re:Good Old Days

          Mon, February 13, 2006 - 5:45 AM
          Yea, we like to reminice about the things we did when we were young at times. I think because these places are gone that means our youth is gone. It's bugs some people. Everything I want to remember is in my head. I have pictures as well. And I dig some of the new places around. I'm pretty flexible.
          My only problem is that when I'm driving I get disoriented when looking for 11th Ave. A person gets used to certain landmarks when driving and I have to think twice about it. In good time I will become accustomed to the new scene and be ok.
          There's a little place called Pesto that looks like it might be worth trying. Columbus has a shortage of decent priced good Italian joints. Don't know if it's opened yet.
      • Re: Damon Zex

        Wed, July 2, 2008 - 6:04 PM

        This thread was hilarious to read.

        I used to hang out some with him back when he was still Fred Zaner. One night we were leaving Larry's and he made me wait while he unpinned every business card that was hanging on the bulletin board - so he could pin his own card on top of it.

        All his cards said was "Damon Zex." No phone number. No nothing. Just "Damon Zex." A hundred of them all over both huge bulletin boards. Nothing but Damon Zex.

        Since his name was Fred Zaner the entire thing just stuck in my head as one of the weirdest things I'd ever seen anyone do.

        I remember going to a lesbian bar with him and for that night he was suddenly normal and real. Which I'd never seen him be before - it was revelatory. Like - hidden in this weird guy was someone who was secretly, totally normal.

        And so of course I made out with him in some dark corner of the lesbian bar.

        The next time I saw him he was back to being a "creepy lame fuk" but there will always be a fond spot in my heart for dear old Fred!

        We've created a Crazy Mama's in Second Life. If you were part of Mama's, please come join us! Just befriend username: Anneliese Wolfenhaut.

        We may have moved on, and Crazy Mama's may be just a dream, but we can relive our youth - and Mama can be resurrected in Second Life, too! :)

    Thu, February 23, 2006 - 9:12 PM
    i'll see what i can do about posting some pictures for you old fucks. i got here just after everything got torn down. i don't get it either. i DO NOT GET IT. anything about this entire city. i just don't. as to the faggot comment - yup. seven years later. sums up my experience here too.

    personally, i think when the men are so de-masculated that the most masculine thing they do is watch sports and get all worked up about other men playing sports and then they think they have to prove that they are really are men by forcing the women to hobble themselves in high heels and act stupid and make fun of gay people. then. yes then their fat stupid asses feel they have proven their manhood. and giving money to political campaigns of men who have stolen millions of dollars already from the state for their own personal use somehow also makes them feel like they are part of some cool kick ass mans club.

    seriously? what is this place?

      Fri, February 24, 2006 - 4:31 AM
      That's all you experience here? Really? That's a shame.
      I'm as annoyed by the jarhead sports element as anyone, but it hardly defines the culture of the city anymore, which, to me, is now loaded with authentic ethnic food because we're becoming one of the most international cities in the region, full of galleries that may be becoming more scattered, but that are realy diverse - a place completely full of musicians, many of whom are fabulous. And I could go on...

    Fri, February 24, 2006 - 4:20 AM
    Thatcher co-owns the Scottie McBean restaurant/coffeehouse on High street up in Beechwold.
    Firdous has its North Market restaurant, another one at Polaris, and they are every single one of the now gazillion outdor festivals we have in the warm months.
    Charlie Nutt (brother of Bruce, who owned Mama's - he looked like Ron Wood and was always at the bar) died last year.

    Some of the people of that era are still here, doing interesting things, new things. Some became really tragic drunks or junkies that only emerge from whatever holes they drink in now at Comfest, when everyone who ever was emerges.

    I loved those times, too. But it does make me sad when I see people who never evolved past that time - you can still find them lamenting that past, drowning/snorting/shooting their sorrows and just looking old as hell. Others are just grateful they survived! Sometimes change is good.
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      Mon, March 13, 2006 - 4:18 PM
      wow. thatcher is still alive huh? what a trip...
      no doubt he's still up to his Fagan ways...

      But yeah, it is bizzarre to look back so far into the past. It's all pretty fuzzy in memory anyway but now it seems even more of another lifetime, another dimension. I went back and drove down high street and I was floored but what has grown out of the remains of all my favorite nasty haunts.

      Sometimes I think that all those people that didn't survive {or move past} that era, well, maybe they never really existed at all. Maybe they were all elaborately detailed figments of my imaginary youth....

    Wed, March 8, 2006 - 2:56 PM
    Hey do you remember a guy called Big John? I think he had a zine or something called bigstuff for a while. He was bartending at Outland last time I saw him which was quite a few years ago..... I heard he is bartending somewhere in the brewery district now..

    Anyone seen him around? He was kinda a part of that crowd used to work the door at Mr Mustards.


    Thu, June 1, 2006 - 10:22 PM
    I finally found all those guys. they're on myspace. LOL
    well, all except shroomy and thatcher anyway. they're well...if you know them, you can imagine.

    Sat, July 24, 2010 - 2:36 AM
    Hey, I remember everything you do. Im 33 now and I have a kid, but i remeber damien and stacy and their van with thier kid. I am 33 and traveled since I was 16, I know Columbus like the back of my hand.

    Sun, December 16, 2012 - 4:32 PM
    In response to an earlier post, I'm sure I probably was roommates with whatever Ag kids puked then yelled "beat your faggot asses". I lived with a bunch freshman year in the dorms that lived for cheap beer and football. While I was working 2nd and 3rd shift jobs they were killing theor brain cells.

    Back to topic, there was a little Asian restaurant upstairs of me of the used records stores on south campus n high street. Real hole I mother wall on top of a wobbly narrow staircase. Our pay 2 bucks and tell them shrimp, chicken, or vegetarian, and they'd hand you a big bowl of broth and noodles with your aforementioned preference tossed in. You'd then step across the hallway to a bare room with two folding tables and about a dozen mismatched chairs, eat, and deposit your bowl in a laundry basket in the corner of the room

    Does anyone remember the name of that place? Did it even have a name? I just remember how boiling hot and rich and flavorful the broth was. Especially at lunchtime in winter.
    • JL
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      Sun, April 27, 2014 - 4:01 AM
      I am an alum with lots of memories of the bar row. Mustards, Oar House, Thirsty Eye, Crazy mama's,Campus Undrground, Southberg, North Berg, the Library, Papa Joes (beer by the bucket), Trilogy aka, Presleys, The Agora, Bernies (when you wanted free live music and a varity of beer), the Library, char Bar, Mama's Pasta and Brew (just off High), Heidleberg, the Black Forest Inn (reputedly a ROTC hang out), etc etc etc.

      Took a long time to get my BA so I have a longer view of the establishments...
      Gyros and Egg Rolls (Egg Roll King) for a buck. Skyline chili across form teh Ohio Union. Movies: The Movies (at what became a fast food store), Drak movies Sat/Sun, Wild Mans (peanuts nd beers on Thursdays-when the weekend staerted), OhioUnion for movies Sat and Sun and classic Movies on Sunday - when I was going to school.

      I have so many memories of High Street (DeSanctis) Bars. Police rope lines and paddy wagons... : )

      Michigan weekends

      various pizza shops

      Pizza Pit


      it's been a long time
      and a great collection of memories


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